Gingold Theatrical Group, now in its 12th year, is a performance arts organization dedicated to presenting works celebrating human rights and free speech using the outspoken humanitarian precepts of George Bernard Shaw as its platform to entertain, enlighten and enrich. GTG’s goal is to carve a permanent niche for this work within the social and cultural life of New York by encouraging people to embrace these vital fundamental values of equal human rights and to breathe these ideals into their lives through action and discussion. GTG is a fully-incorporated 501.c.3 not for profit organization.

Shaw’s plays seek to empower the individual with examples of powerful characters that challenge societal dictates and to make bold personal choices.
Founded in ‘06, GTG brings together performers, critics, students, academics and the general public with the opportunity to explore and perform Shaw’s work, and to create new work based on the values that Shaw championed. Through performances, discussion groups, symposiums, educational programs, new play commissions, and outreach, GTG encourages all people to rejoice in the possibilities of the future.

Gingold Theatrical Group is named after actress and Shaw enthusiast Hermione Gingold, a long-time friend of GTG Founding Artistic Director, David Staller. (Pictured above.)

We fulfill this mission with our monthly series, PROJECT SHAW. These lively script-in-hand performances attract the country’s top-level actors who play to consistently sold-out houses. GTG is the first group ever to present all of Shaw’s 65 plays in performance. GTG will also continue presenting works by some of the playwrights who inspired Shaw to write plays: Ibsen, Wilde, Chekhov, Barrie, Pinero and Harley Granveill-Barker. All plays relfect  Shaw's humanitarian passions. PROJECT SHAW is presented at New York’s legendary Upper West Side Mecca for the arts, Symphony Space.


2016 Project Shaw cast of CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA

SHAW NEW YORK is an annual theatrical and community festival consisting of a fully mounted Shaw play at its heart, as well a mix of other Shavian themed smaller events, becoming the anchor program of Gingold Theatrical Group. GTG successfully launched SHAW NEW YORK in April of 2012. Our debut season began with a production of Shaw’s provocative MAN AND SUPERMAN. This co-production with The Irish Repertory Theatre was a major success with both critics and audiences. David Staller directed his adaptation of this remarkable play. This comedic masterpiece is rich in themes that are as significant today as when the play was first presented in 1905. It was performed complete with its interior act, ‘Don Juan in Hell.’  


SHAW NEW YORK 2013 found GTG partnering with New York’s Pearl Theatre Company on a co-production of Shaw’s sparkling comedy, YOU NEVER CAN TELL. This production, directed by David Staller, opened the Pearl’s 30th season to great acclaim.



SHAW NEW YORK 2014 brought GTG and the Pearl Theatre Company together, once again, presenting Shaw glorious play, MAJOR BARBARA. The production, was directed by GTG's David Staller, and ran through November and December of 2014. CLICK HERE FOR MAJOR BARBARA


SHAW NEW YORK 2016 offered GTG the opportunity to partner with TACT/The Actors Company Theatre. Together, they presented Shaw's very first play, WIDOWERS' HOUSES in an acclaimed production at The Beckett Theatre on Theatre Row in Manhattan. Directed by David Staller. CLICK HERE FOR WIDOWERS' HOUSES


All productions were filmed by the New York Library for Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

Aside from full productions, GTG’s SHAW NEW YORK festivals include other special events such as a series of symposiums. These symposia celebrate Shaw’s work and philosophies though a series of panels, lectures, debates and public discussions incorporating themes in the festival’s full production. The Shaw Symposium explores various provocative and controversial issues so actively explored by Shaw but still current in today’s world with a special focus on women’s rights. As Shaw was a critic and journalist turned playwright, the festival also features a Critic Symposium including several critics and journalists discussing ‘Are Critics Necessary?’ Another popular festival event is GTG’s Shaw Concert, offering performances of composer’s Shaw had championed as ‘modern’ while he was still a music critic, including work by Wagner, Elgar and Brahms. There is also at least one new piece performed by young composers, highlighting Shaw’s determination to encourage new work. Click HERE for SHAW NEW YORK.

In the joyful spirit of carrying on another Shavian tradition, GTG has commissioned new plays written by arts journalists in a program named after one of Shaw’s more inflammatory comedies, PRESS CUTTINGS. As Shaw began his career as a critic, GTG has chosen three journalists (with a strong background in writing plays) to each create a play inspired by Shaw’s visionary humanitarianism. Nurtured by GTG through various earlier workshops, each PRESS CUTTINGS presentation reflect themes inspired by George Bernard Shaw: human rights and respect and equality for all living beings. Each play will then be published with the goal of full productions. Click HERE for PRESS CUTTINGS.

For more information about the programs GTG produces, please explore the pages listed on our website menu.




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"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
- G.B.S.   


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