Gingold Theatrical Group has been actively involved in creating and running educational programs since its inception in 2006.

SUNY Stony Brook

GTG Founding Artistic Director, David Staller, partnered with GTG board member, Professor Andrew Flescher, to create a Shaw class with an Ethics and Humanities focus as part of the SUNY Stony Brook English department—and it rocked. The class was incredibly involved. What a gift to share complex thoughts with these bright young people who then become determined to go out and make a positive contribution to the world. Exactly what Shaw was striving for. In a world where hope is in short supply, I'm filled with it. 




Mr. Staller has been taking part in an ongoing program at Manhattan's Regis School with Shaw studies. Here's part of the group from 2016.


Even with your extremely thought-provoking discussion and analysis of Androcles, perhaps the most impressive thing I noticed from your visit was your confidence in your convictions towards your work. It was incredibly moving to witness someone so passionate about what they do and believe in (much like Lavinia!). I love the mission behind Project Shaw and hope its success continues. Excellent presentation! - Zach 

I really wanted to thank you for coming to talk to our class.  I really enjoyed reading "Androcles and the Lion," and it was great to discuss it with someone who is so openly passionate about Shaw's work.  It was a wonderful experience, and I hope you return to Regis one day! - Anthony

Thank you for taking the time to visit our school and more specifically our class. It was a very enjoyable change in pace and you were very enjoyably comical yet knowledgeable. It's always nice to see an expert take interest in those learning about his craft, Thank you, again - Gabe

Thank you, Mr. Staller, for coming to my English class on Tuesday. It was very interesting to learn a bit about Shaw's directing methods rather than focusing on his playwriting alone. - Rory 


Lighthouse International

Mr. Staller partnered for three years wth Merrie Bramlett and the Saturday morning program for inner-city teens at New York's famed Lighthouse International. This program is specifically designed for blind and sight-impaired young adults to help prepare them for independent lives after their high-school years. At least once a month, Mr. Staller engages students in philosophical discussion, using ideas of Shaw as a springboard. Employing scenes or just quotes, the students participate in lively debates about meanings and creative interpretations, relating the Shavian precepts to their own lives and ambitions for the future.


Baruch College

From 2006 until 2009, Mr. Staller and associates partnered with professor Sarah Moon and her English Literature classes for Business majors at New York's Baruch College. A Shaw play was chosen for in-depth study each semester. Mr. Staller and volunteer actors would attend these classes to read and discuss the plays. Discussions focused on the parallels between the daily socio-economic and political lives of the students and the issues dealt with in Shaw's plays. At the end of each term, the students were invited to The Players to read scenes from these plays on the stage.

"I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations." - G.B.S.



GTG Founding Artistic Director gives frequent lectures at clubs, foundations, schools and social groups throughout the tri-state area on a regular basis. Among the many, here are a few:

NeMLA 2014 Convention

David Staller was the keynote speaker for the 25th annual convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association, which took place on Friday, April 4 in Harrisburg, PA.CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFORMATION

His talk: 'Anti-Classicist Shaw: Off the Page and On His Feet as Spokesman for Today'.


Shaw and Wilde

One of David Staller's many talks involving Shaw is his 'Wilde and Shaw: Their women and the men they idealize.' It was recently shared with the crowd at The Coffee House Club on West 44th Street in Manhattan. Here he is with a framed signed photo of Shaw.

Shaw and Women

Shaw loved women and fought tirelessly for Women's Rights. On November 8, 2010, Gingold Theatrical Group hosted a wild hour of G.B.S at New York's Cosmopolitan Club as part of the Club's Literary Lecture Series. David Staller, the producer and director of New York's PROJECT SHAW, led the evening, joined by celebrated New York actors, Jayne Houdyshell and Sam Underwood. The trio presented Shaw's hysterically funny one-act, How He Lied to Her Husband.

For almost a century, the Cosmopolitan Club has been a gathering place where women of accomplishment enjoy each other's company and pursue their interest in arts and letters and currents events.

The evening was a sold-out success.


Each year, David Staller is brought to the Shaw Festival in Canada to offer the keynote address for the International Shaw Society symposium. 

On July 27, 2012, David Staller delivered the keynote address at the Shaw Festival in Canada. 'Shaw and His Renegade Women' was the topic of his talk.

NCAC: The National Coalition Against Censorship

On November 29, 2010, David Staller hosted the annual National Coalition Against Censorship Gala. As Shaw fought censorship throughout his long career, this was a natural fit. In addition to hosting the event, Mr. Staller directed a scene from Mrs. Warren's Profession, the play that originally provoked the most strenuous objection from censors. The actors for the evening were Cynthia Harris and Liz Morton.











The Drama League Directors Project Summer Retreat

David Staller was master teacher/mentor to four directors and eight actors for the Drama League Fall 2011 Directors Project. During an intensive week in the Berkshires, the group worked on Shaw's  Man and Superman. The four directors were Desdemona Chiang, Amanda Friou, Lily Whitsitt, and Dawn Monique Williams. The actors selected were Denis Butkus, Dylan Chalfy, Gideon Banner, Carman Lacivita, Jesse Perez, Erin Moon, Meg MacCary, and Antoinette LaVecchia.

Click this link for more information: DRAMA LEAGUE DIRECTORS PROJECT


David Staller is a frequent guest at many theatres, schools and clubs discussing many of Shaw's most potent themes.
Below, in the lobby of the Two River Theatre Company in Red Bank, New Jersey.







Our Founding Artistic Director, David Staller, is frequently invited to give talks at clubs, schools and theaters around the country. Here's a photo of David leading a post-show talk-back for the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey after their production of MISALLIANCE.

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