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Irish Examiner (2010)
Shaw's first play to be a major success was his one play that looks at "the Irish question" head on: JOHN BULL'S OTHER ISLAND. Last week, Project Shaw did a reading of the play in their Shaw reading series.....
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The New York Times (2009)
When George Bernard Shaw died after falling off a ladder while pruning an apple tree at age 94 in 1950, he had finished five of six scenes of what would be his last play. Nearly 60 years later, a New York theatre group will offer not one but five endings to that play.....
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The New York Times (2006)
Proof that the actor David Staller has George Bernard Shaw on the brain came when he was asked his age.....
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The New Yorker
...The gallant Project Shaw is devoted to staging readings of every play [Shaw] wrote.....
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"Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any book except the books that nobody reads." - G.B.S.

NY1 (2007)
It was critics’ night out with the latest edition of Project Shaw, an ongoing series offering up readings of every play ever written by George Bernard Shaw.....

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Time Out New York
David Staller's Project Shaw offers GBS from A to Z.....
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The Hollywood Reporter (January 2006)
Meanwhile, the Players Club is featuring an ambitious project.....
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The Hollywood Reporter (August 2006)
Sept. 18 reading of George Bernard Shaw's...
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Heartbreak House
In New York, first-rate productions of George Bernard Shaw are rare. Actors tend to overplay the wit, making it too Wildean, or punch up the moralising, as if theatre were supposed to be good for us.....
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Vassar College Libraries
In 1908, Bernard Shaw wrote to a schoolmate.....
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The Player Chronicles
If, like most of us, you missed Noel Coward and Margaret Leighton in the 1953 London revival of George Bernard Shaw’s The Apple Cart, you might get a rare chance to see a reading of the 1929 comedy at the Club on Monday, September 18 at 7 p.m., when Project Shaw resumes its inaugural season after the August hiatus.....
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 "The first condition of progress is the removal of censorship." - G.B.S.


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