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SHAW NEW YORK is an annual theatrical and community festival consisting of a fully mounted Shaw play at its heart, as well a mix of other Shavian themed smaller events, becoming the anchor program of Gingold Theatrical Group. GTG successfully launched SHAW NEW YORK in April of 2012 with a co-production of MAN AND SUPERMAN with The Irish Repertory Theatre. This comedic masterpiece is rich in themes that are as significant today as when the play was first presented in 1905. It was performed complete with its interior act, ‘Don Juan in Hell.’  During its extended run it was filmed for the New York Library for Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. David Staller directed his adaptation of this remarkable play.

GTG compounded upon MAN AND SUPERMAN’s success by continuing next year to co-produce a production of YOU NEVER CAN TELL, this time with The Pearl Theatre.

The following year, Gingold Theatrical Group and The Pearl Theatre once again joined forces to present a co-production of MAJOR BARBARA.

"The golden rule is that there are no golden rules." - G.B.S.

In 2016, GTG teamed up with TACT/The Actors Company Theatre to present Shaw's very first play, the provocative and shockingly relevant WIDOWERS' HOUSES at The Becket Theatre at Theatre Row on 42nd Street. All these productions have been filmed by the New York Public LIbrary for the Performing Arts at Licoln Center for their permanent archives.

GTG’s SHAW NEW YORK festivals include other special events such as a series of symposiums. 

These symposia celebrate Shaw though a series of panels, lectures, debates and public discussions incorporating themes in the festival’s full production. The Shaw Symposium explores various provocative and controversial issues so actively explored by Shaw but still current in today’s world with a special focus on women’s rights. As Shaw was a critic and journalist turned playwright, the festival also features a Critic Symposium including several critics and journalists discussing ‘Are Critics Necessary?’ 

Another popular festival event is GTG’s Shaw Concert, offering performances of composer’s Shaw had championed as ‘modern’ while he was still a music critic, including work by Wagner, Elgar and Brahms. There is also at least one new piece performed by young composers, highlighting Shaw’s determination to encourage new work.














Pictured Above: Signing of co-production agreement between GTG and The Irish Repertory Theatre: Ethan E. Litwin, Charlotte Moore, Ciaran O'Reilly, David Staller (left), David Staller on MAN AND SUPERMAN set (right)

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