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Applications will be accepted through June 15, 2017

To apply, email with 'SPEAKERS' CORNER APPLICATION' as the subject of your email, and include in your email:
(1) A brief [a paragraph is fine - please no more than one page] statement on why the applicant is interested in examining and writing in response to Shaw's work.
(2) A sample of the applicant's writing of up to 10 pages


Named after the corner of London’s Hyde Park where Shaw and other political activists have delivered speeches since 1855, The Speakers’ Corner is Gingold Theatrical Group’s new works program.

Based off of GTG’s mission to create theatre that promotes human rights and free speech with the work of George Bernard Shaw as our inspiration, The Speakers Corner will assemble a group of eight to ten writers who will, over the course of a year, generate monologues, scenes, and short plays that either respond to or continue the narrative of a specific play by Shaw.  For the 2017-2018 season, The Speakers Corner will use the plot and characters Shaw’s Man and Superman as its inspiration.

Gingold Theatrical Group intends to assemble a group of writers for this program that is as diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and experience as possible.  GTG is particularly interested in artists making the transition into writing from other theatrical disciplines, as well as early-career writers interested in a prompt-based writing program.

GTG plans to have selected the participants for The Speakers’ Corner by August 1, 2017.  The group will then meet monthly, starting in September, 2017.  For the beginning sessions, participants will be asked to respond to prompts such as the following:
- Select a character from the play and write a monologue that character might deliver after the end of the play.
- Write a short scene that happens following the play’s conclusion.
- Select a character and write a monologue that you wish the character had an opportunity to deliver.
- Select a character from the play and imagine him or her in a completely different environment than that of the play, then write a monologue or short scene dealing with the character’s encounter with this new world.

These initial endeavors will serve as seeds for work that will then be more fully developed over the course of the year.  During the monthly meetings, participants will share their work, and respond to the work of other participants.  In June 2018, GTG will coordinate a multi-evening public reading of the work generated by The Speakers’ Corner.  This program will be coordinated and guided by GTG’s Associate Director, Stephen Brown-Fried, and GTG’s Artistic Director, David Staller.

At the end of this year-long process, Gingold Theatrical Group plans to select one or more writers from The Speakers’ Corner whose work it will continue to develop during the 2018-2019 season through developmental workshops aiming to develop a play for full production.




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